Jon Chambers

Musician, Singer and Songwriter - Nashville, TN

Although he hails from the hollers of East Tennessee, Jon Chambers spent his growing up years seeking music from the outside.  As he took to the guitar, he resisted the urge to mimic Southern Rock and bluegrass, instead pursuing a sound that he describes as “against the grain”.  Chambers found traction with this style as he founded The Penny Dreadfuls, a band centered around dark theatrical music.  With this group, Chambers produced and wrote two albums. From The Penny Dreadfuls came Big Spider Country, a loud and looping side project. 

Chambers really challenged himself musically and lyrically with these Johnson City-based projects.  He looks back on those 8 years with pride for the work accomplished as well as for the overall versatility.  Recently relocating to Nashville, Chambers has enjoyed joining a new community of songsmiths.  Although he has built a multifaceted musical career on sound boards, studios and stages, Chambers is now focusing his efforts on recording his first solo album.
He has returned to what he knows best, which is the sparse sound of Appalachia.  If the initial demos are any indication, Chambers’ forthcoming work will be a beautifully haunting story of the people and places he’s known for 32 years.